10.07.2020 Amphe-Phase is a High Current Single pin connector with a smart design to keep performance  and safety as a top priority keeping the solution price competitive. 

​Finger Proof Protection against electric shock (IP2X) both sides on Source and Drain and have a bayonet mechanical locking system requiring a key to unlock for additional safety.

​Really popular for mobile powergens, welding, loadbanks, events, temporary lightning, datacenter power +200A per phase or cables +120sqmm (4/0)

Performance Enhancements​

  • Increased Current Carrying Capacity (500A/800A) UL 455A/600A

  • Increased Short Circuit Ratings (35.5Ka)

  • Reduced Insertion Force

  • Rubber Hand Grip for ease of coupling

  • Cable Strain Relief (25mm-300mm)

  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015

Safety Improvements​

  • Waterproof & Dust Protection Rating (IP67)

  • Colour Coded Keyed Locking Mechanism

  • Finger-Proof Protection against electric shock (IP2X)

  • Flame Retardant Materials (UL94-VO)

  • Improved Impact Resistance

  • Environmental Caps

  • UL Certified Product (E514205 )

Amphe-Phase  (3).jpeg