LRM Connectors

Amphenol Aerospace has led the way in the avionic electronics industry with high-performance rectangular connectors. Our LRM Connectors series meet the avionics packaging requirements for a high contact density, surface mount connector with its rugged design allowing electronic modules to be easily removed and replaced at the Platform level.


* Utilizes Amphenol's proven, Low Mating Force Brush Contact technology impervious to shock, vibration and fretting corrosion
* Straddle / Surface mount termination on module connector accommodates a wide range of CCA thicknesses
* Metal shells in various configurations tailored to meet user needs
* ESD protection on module connector - designed for Level 2 (flight line) maintenance
* Guide/ground pins (module connector)
* Several Brush Contact digital insert arrangements are available that can also be combined with power, RF, and fiber optic inserts also supplied by Amphenol
* Thru-hole solder tail or solderless termination is available on the backplane connector
LRM Connectors
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