USB3.0 A Plug to Micro-B plug

USB3.0 A Plug to Micro-B plug

The Third Generation USB 3.0 maximum data rate of 5Gbps,downward compatible with USB1.0/1.1/2.0.

Mechanical Performance
1. Mating Force and Unmating Force

Condition: EIA 364-13, at a max rate of 12.5mm per minute.
* Mating Force: 35N max.
* Unmating Force: USB-A:10N min initial, Micro-B: 8N-25N
2. Durability

Condition: EIA 364-09 at a max rate of 200 cycles per hour
Requirement: USB 3.0 A plug,1500 cycles. Micro-B plug, 10000 cycles. No physical damage
Electrical Performance
1. Contact Resistance:
* 30 mΩ (Max) initial for VBUS and GND contacts.
* 50 mΩ (Max) initial for all other contacts.
2. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 100VAC/min.
No flashover, no spark over, no excess leakage and no breakdown.
USB3.0 A Plug to Micro-B plug
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