BMMA Series

BMMA connector is a subminiature version of the BMA blindmate series. This originally designated OSSP™ connector by M/A-Com has excellent electrical performance at high frequencies up to 28 GHz. There is a complete family of BMMA blindmate connectors and adapters. BMMA connectors are approximately 25% smaller than the BMAs, and are used for applications where space is limited and no special tooling is required.


* Blindmate / push on design (RFfortless®)
* Frequency to 22 GHz; Interchangeable with other manufacturer's BMMA connectors
* Subminiature design
* Designed to the interface dimensions of MIL-STD-348
* Hermetic Versions available
* Low Profile Design
* Maximum of .020' radial and .060' axial misalignment
BMMA Series
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